About shipping

About shipping

[Policy update from 12pm on 07.01.2024]
1 order - 1 shipment basis.

Though reservation items can be combined with in-stocked items, please be aware that the shipping will be after all items are arrived.
If you'd like to receive your items accordingly to each arrival, please place orders separately.
*Umbrellas and build-to-order series are NOT applied to combining with other items/reservation series.
Though ordering in 1 cart can be accepted, shipping fees are automatically charged according to the number of shipment.

All packages are shipped via EMS and will normally take between 3 to 5 days to arrive (please keep in mind that this may vary from country to country and during certain periods of the year like Christmas and New Year holidays).

If you encounter any problem with your shipment, please contact us to order@babyssb.co.jp . We will check the status of your package and proceed accordingly.

Shipping rates can be checked in the following page:

Shipping cost will be automatically charged according to the total of the weight of the order. Though we try our best to calculate fees accurately, there are sometimes differences between the price we quote and the shipping fee the post offices charges.

Regardless actual weight is heavier than calculation, we never ask for any extra payment and, thus, we cannot refund any difference in the case actual weight is lighter than calculation either. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to ask you for your understanding.

A. About custom duty.

An extra custom fee can be applied depending on the country of destination. This custom tax varies from country to country, so please be sure to inquire to your local post office or custom house about this charge. This amount is to be covered by the customer.

We do NOT accept any return by reason of tax since shipment trouble often occurs when the package returned.

In the case the package returned because of non-payment of tax, we may refuse to ship abroad after that.

B. About an invoice and declared value of items.

Please take into consideration that we are unable to lower the declared value of our items on a shipping invoice.

This is to protect the items being shipped in case of loss or damage, since lowering the value on any invoice would make the shipping insurance void.