About reservations

If you'd like to reserve at the store, please confirm here.

Reservation Period:
Reservation is available from specified 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday through the shopping cart system.

  • Please place your order through the shopping cart system. We don't accept any mail order.
  • During reservation acceptance, limit to "1 piece per color, per customer" regardless order date.
    Multiple colors of same item are available, but multiple pieces of same color is UNAVAILABLE.
  • Reservation acceptance will end when the available quantity becomes sold out even if during the reservation period.
  • Stock is kept when all the ordering process is completed. In other words, the stock is NOT kept yet at the point you put the item into the shopping cart.
  • We don't accept combining reservation items with in-stock items.
  • We don't accept any reservation order after the reservation period ends.
  • Online orders can NOT be switched to pick up at physical stores.